about us

Welcome to the world of Las Papiyons 
We approach intimate garments from an art perspective creating new visions, daring to be free and to be ourselves. 
We hope this can inspire you to get a little closer to yourself, and to always dare to be you.
Butterflies share an astonishing feat with us. No other animal transforms from a land being to an air being. As humans, we may never truly understand what this task really means, but we can embrace this sentiment throughout our lives
You can start again.
You can move.
You can die in this lifetime.
The only way out is through, and they show us that by taking our time and embracing our solitude, there exists the possibility to change planes, to share our beautiful colours and fly.
All our underwear is artisanally made by small women-owned workshops in Medellin, Colombia. 
Las Papiyons visually draws from various butterfly species only found Colombia as Colombia is home to the most significant butterfly percentage (20%) in the world. We draw from their astonishing colour palette and put our own little spin on it. Butterfly conservation and awareness is very important to us and you can find more info under our "butterflies" tab. 
All clothing is limited edition. For each style in a single colour there will only be 20 pairs made across all sizes. The same colour will not repeat itself moving forward, so get them while they're available!
Thank you for supporting us <3